Family Court is Feminist Court

Family Court is actually a misnomer. In reality it is Feminist Court.

Feminism teaches that men and women must be completely equals and it is therefore spousal abuse, domestic violence and a human rights violation for a man to attempt to pressure or bully his wife into listening to him, regardless of how reasonable his opinion may be or how seldom he does this.
What this means in effect is that men and women really cannot live together, unless they are completely compatible and never disagree or unless one voluntarily chooses to be submissive.
From a feminist perspective therefore the normal family situation is for women to live alone with their children, making all decisions independently and free from any male coercion, while the father must send her a significant portion of his salary to spend as she sees fit. If he wishes he may occasionally have meetings with his children.
It is not an accident or a mistake that Family Court, using orders of protection, custody orders, child support orders, etc imposes by force this lifestyle on families. This is, at least covertly, the entire purpose of Family Court.
Similar to the way that the Cheka imposed Communism on Russia
Family Courts impose feminism on America.
As a result of this philosophy, a third of American children live without their fathers
 And most women are single
Percentages which are growing. 
However modern Western society sees this as basically a good thing, not a problem. This is progress. This is how society should be – adults should live separately, not in patriarchal families, and children should live with their mother who is naturally a better parent while their father works, sends money and sometimes visits.

This was in fact predicted in 1913 by opponents of women’s suffrage
“When Suffrage leaders have so arranged matters that the bride retains her maiden name, she can spend her summers in Europe and her winters in Florida, while her husband works all the year round in New York to support her, without her being subjected to the mortification of seeming to desert the man whose name she bears.”

Women’s suffrage was achieved in the US in 1920