OHEL Feminist Corruption

A link is provided here to a video narrated by a respected rabbinic activist exposing alleged vicious mesirah & reeshus committed by the “Orthodox” Ohel family organization, and exposing the Kangaroo Court justice of family courts in the US.

Excerpts of the video:

“I personally participated at a meeting as an advocate for a father at the offices of the ACS, the city agency that deals with protection of children, participating from Ohel was a case worker and her supervisor…basically it was a Kangaroo Court where a decision was made in advance basically to get the father out of the house…they insisted on going to court (for an order of protection against a Jewish father) Erev Shabbos…I found the Ohel case worker to be a liar, a prevaricator, she came down very, very hard to justify getting the father out of the house…this is very terrible, real disgusting, very one-sided, I would be very afraid to put a Jewish family in the hands of OHEL case workers…in many cases they do terrible things…the more they show a need for their services, the more government aid they can apply for…it was decided by three black women…when I asked who is the order of protection against…the Ohel supervisor didn’t know how many people in the household the order applied to…it was really, really terrible…to throw out the father right before Shabbos…the whole thing is a bluff.”