1. Pincas Beis Din Email Server for Tzedek Shamru Mishpot

The Bais Din documents may be obtained by email request.

To obtain Bais Din Tzedek Shamru Mishpot documents in PDF format:

– Please send an email to
– In the Subject Line of the email insert only a  number with the document requested.
– For an index of all documents available, insert 9999 in the subject line.

The document requested will be sent to you by email.

NOTE: The email server may not respond when using certain email client software such as Thunderbird. If you do not receive a reply from the email server in about five minutes, please try to resend your request using a different email client software, or else using a web browser to send your email request.

2. Web Links for Jewish Father’s Rights Sites

NOTE: The following websites may have useful information pertaining to Jewish Divorce matters. Jewish Fathers and Families is not affiliated with nor responsible for the content on any of the following websites.

1. Halacha of Marriage and Gittin

An excellent site to obtain reliable, non-feminist education on Jewish marriage and divorce laws.
Halacha of Marriage and Gittin

2. Mamzer Alert

This site lists the names of married Jewish women who allegedly are dating without having received a valid get. We do not vouch for the accuracy of the information on that site.

3. Jews For Equal Shared Parenting

The time is now for the concept of equal shared parenting. This arrangement is generally in the best interests of both the parents and children. Implementing this in the Orthodox Jewish communities would likely greatly reduce the incidence of alleged male ” get refusal “.

Jews for Equal Shared Parenting

4. Frum Men’s Rights Facebook Group
A large and very active Facebook group for serious, intelligent, non-feminist discussions of Jewish marriage and divorce issues.

Frum Mens Rights

5. PA Wall of Shame

An interesting blog page. We do not vouch for the accuracy of the information on that site.

Parental Alienator Wall of Shame